PIMS takes incredible care of every item that enters our warehouse. Upon reception of your products, we hand count and review the quality of each unit we receive.

Quality Control Checks

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our hands-on approach; with regularly conducted quality control checks, we meticulously verify each product for quality, accuracy, and condition, by hand ensuring your upcoming projects are delivered flawlessly.

Secure Global Warehousing

Through our global network of warehousing solutions, PIMS is able to safely store products and goods on almost every continent! This helps brands with their expansion goals and multinational presence!  

Real-Time Inventory Management

PIMS’ Inventory Management System (IMS) is the engine behind our ordering experience and bridges global and domestic logistics! Together, real-time updates and a user-friendly interface bring the simplicity and enjoyment of shopping at your favorite online store to the convenience of managing and replenishing your inventory.

Global Logistics

Looking to ship overseas but not sure what you can send, how it needs to be packed, or what the laws are for shipping to a certain country? PIMS’ award-winning service can both guide you and help to ship massive campaigns essentially anywhere in the world! 

Global & Local Distribution

We work together to identify the safest and most effective way to transport your products.  We then work with you to distribute your packages globally.  

White Glove Service

At PIMS, we define white glove service as the art of offering bespoke, high-caliber solutions, meticulously crafted to meet each client’s individual needs, guaranteeing a smooth and superior experience throughout.